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Rare Pokemon
  • IV 90% Dragonite
    IV 90% Dragonite
    15-120 Mins
    10.89 USD
  • IV 95% Dragonite
    IV 95% Dragonite
    15-120 Mins
    14.9 USD
  • IV 98%-100% Dragonite
    IV 98%-100% Dragonite
    30-240 Mins
    19.9 USD
  • IV 90% Lapras
    IV 90% Lapras
    30-120 Mins
    9.9 USD
  • IV 95% Lapras
    IV 95% Lapras
    60-360 Mins
    14.9 USD
Pokemon Account
  • Pokemon Go Super Rare Lv 32
    34.9 USD
  • Pokemon Go Super Rare Lv 30
    29.9 USD
  • Pokemon Go Rare Lv 25
    7.9 USD
  • Pokemon Go Lv 31
    6.9 USD
  • Pokemon Go Rare Lv 32
    18.9 USD


pokemon go starbucks leak

December 7 Pokemon Go Press Conference: Verify Starbucks Pokemon GO Related Event?


Pokemon Go players' long anticipated major update is going to come! There have been reports that Pokemon Go will launch a big update in December before Christmas. The update is expected to release the Generation 2 and trading system. Recently, more Starbucks internal documents revealed that Poke...

pokemon go update 0.49

Pokemon go updated to version 0.49.1 APK for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS


Pokemon Go is just upgraded to version 0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS. One of the most important parts of the update is that players are now able to transfer multiple Pokemon to Professor Willow at one time. Previously, players had to transfer one by one. In addition, there are also updates f...

pokemon go attack rankings

Pokemon Go: Pokemon's Gym Attack Ability Rankings Chart In The Case Of Limited CP


Why should we use low CP to train friendly gyms? By doing so, we are able to gain more prestige by a gym battle, which is especially true with the recent update. With good moves, dodging and type effectiveness, we can save potions, and the efficiency is still high. If the opponent has high CP, we ca...


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