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AMOUNT Num Unit Price  
Bulbasaur Candy
Charmander Candy
Squirtle Candy
Caterpie Candy
Weedle Candy
Pidgey Candy
Rattata Candy
Spearow Candy
Ekans Candy
Pikachu Candy
Sandshrew Candy
Nidoran♀ Candy
Nidoran♂ Candy
Clefairy Candy
Vulpix Candy
Farfetch'd Candy
Jigglypuff Candy
Zubat Candy
Oddish Candy
Paras Candy
Venonat Candy
Diglett Candy
Meowth Candy
Psyduck Candy
Mankey Candy
Growlithe Candy
Poliwag Candy
Abra Candy
Machop Candy
Bellsprout Candy
Tentacool Candy
Geodude Candy
Ponyta Candy
Slowpoke Candy
Magnemite Candy
Doduo Candy
Seel Candy
Grimer Candy
Shellder Candy
Gastly Candy
Onix Candy
Drowzee Candy
Krabby Candy
Voltorb Candy
Exeggcute Candy
Cubone Candy
Hitmonlee Candy
Hitmonchan Candy
Lickitung Candy
Koffing Candy
Rhyhorn Candy
Chansey Candy
Tangela Candy
Kangaskhan Candy
Horsea Candy
Goldeen Candy
Staryu Candy
Mr. Mime Candy
Scyther Candy
Jynx Candy
Electabuzz Candy
Magmar Candy
Pinsir Candy
Tauros Candy
Magikarp Candy
Lapras Candy
Eevee Candy
Porygon Candy
Omanyte Candy
Kabuto Candy
Aerodactyl Candy
Snorlax Candy
Dratini Candy